About the Book
“A comprehensive guide to ear training and theory that helps you map the fretboard so you can quickly and easily play any song
you hear.

              - Corey Michael Baker

The One Note Guitar Method is more than just another ear-training course. Beginners are first taught to identify the chords, and find and play any note on the guitar. Once a student understands just one note within a chord, they quickly become familiar with how that one note sounds within the chord and soon how that chord sounds in relation to the other chords.


This leads to a familiarity with the different chords and how each chord sounds in relation to the others. Once a student can identify the chord progressions -- that is a series of chords played in succession -- that student can play any song alone or jam for hours with any group.


This simple concept has allowed dozens of Corey’s students to attain an entire catalog of notes, chords and songs quickly and easily.

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“Never neglect the simple stuff. The best musicians and teachers in the world all endorse knowing the basics of music. Spend a lot of quality time on scales, chord changes, and simple rhythms. In the end, anything you try to figure out, be it simple or difficult, will be much easier.”
                          - Corey
Michael Baker

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