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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a long way from L.A. and the attitude of the Bakery’s Corey and Kathy Baker is very un-Hollywood.

The Bakery recording studio, in the basement of the Baker home, offers 24 tracks of digital audio as well as a wide assortment of outboard gear, instruments and microphones. The studio has one dedicated isolation booth with a second booth available with proper notice. The walls of both the main room and the isolation booths have been properly treated to minimize standing waves. Studio partitions also are available to adjust the sound to suit the project.

At the Bakery, there is one goal: to create an accurate representation of the clients’ sound on the final recording. The Bakers work hard to ensure that the final recording is a reflection of the creativity of their musician clients, and not just a reflection of the Bakery’s state-of-the-art technology.

The Bakers understand the anxiety that comes with investing in recording time and go out of their way to make their clients feel comfortable and at home throughout the entire process. Corey has lived and worked within the L.A. recording industry and is happy to act as producer or engineer on projects as needed.

“This is your project,” Corey says. “And I can be just another piece of studio gear or I can take on more of a producer’s role if that’s what you want.”

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Record at The Bakery: E-mail Corey to request studio time.

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